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SCOM PowerShell Library

After spending many years with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012 I've come across a consistent shortcoming of the application; PowerShell. While PowerShell is well supported in SCOM 2012 its ability to be built upon isn't always obvious and documentation is sparse (if even available). With that said, I routinely find myself needing to create various different SCOM management pack components in PowerShell with no direct or straight forward way to do so outside of Discovery with the "TimedPowerShell" discovery provider. This need lead to the creation of my "Microsoft.Windows.PowerShell.Library" management pack; designed specifically for making SCOM management pack objects ...

Cisco XML Framework Documentation

With the start of 2011 came the official release of the 'CiscoIPPhone' PHP Framework. The framework is aimed at simplifying the creation and manipulation of the various Cisco XML service objects. Additions and updates are already in the works for the next release version of the framework. The following documentation will be kept as up to date as possible as the framework evolves and updates are issued. For more information and documentation on the use of the XML service objects with Cisco Systems, see www.cisco.com. OBJECT CLASSES: CiscoXMLService CiscoIPPhoneMenu

FreePBX Module: TFTP Manager

Over the past few months work on development of a FreePBX module for managing Cisco IP Phones has been started. In the process of doing this, as well as through some research on existing FreePBX feature request tickets; a TFTP management module has been requested. As a result of this, the development of the Cisco module has been momentarily sidelined as a a TFTP module was created. The intent is that this module will be used to support the Cisco modules TFTP file management. The first version(s) of the module are planned to have very limited and basic functionality. A new ...

Cisco IP Phone Background Images

Many of the industry-leading executive style phones on the VoIP market today are part of the Cisco IP Phone series. A large portion of these devices come built with a high resolution, full color display that can offer rich displays and unique interfaces when coupled with the use of the Cisco XML service objects. One of the more user-facing features of these market topping devices is the ability to apply custom backgrounds. Granted, the concept is simple and merely aesthetic; but having the option to apply a custom background can provide a sense of personalization to make a piece of technology ...