Minded Systems

When Android met Chrome

It's no secret that Android and Chrome have become closer than ever before. Its come so far that Android is pitted against an OS derived from the Chrome experience (in ChromeOS). Looking to apps, well Chrome has those too in a manner of speaking. Surely Google has a plan in all of this madness, right? After reviewing some evidence, I have come up with some thoughts. For starters, this NOT Google's first rodeo. They employ some of the smartest and most creative people in the world; and many of those people work on Android or Chrome (or both). Google will be aware ...

We are making changes

Previous visitors to http://www.minded.ca have likely noticed some changes to our site. We are in the process of providing some much-needed attention to our web presence. During the overhaul some features of the site may be temporarily unavailable; commenting for example. We plan on returning all features to proper working order as soon as possible. All of our content will remain available as we go through our site redesign at their usual link locations. We appreciate our visitors' patience as we work to get our site back in shape.

Cisco Services Project Update

Over the past few weeks great strides have been made on the XML Services project for Cisco IP Phone systems. The plan to make the project available through the FreePBX GUI is continuing on. The module(s) install without issue and all currently implemented functionality works in a simple form. One of the next major steps in the development will be the ability to upload new service scripts into the module rather than by manual upload. As mentioned in the previous post on this project, we are looking to have a user portal; hopefully integrated with FreePBX v3 that ...