Minded Systems

About Us

Minded Systems is development and consultation group in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. We specialize in system integration software and enterprise infrastructure consultation. Our philosophy is that technology should be both functional and usable.

Our modern computing environments are dominated by cloud computing and mobile devices. We aim to build integration software to connect device users to cloud infrastructures in a secure and convenient way. Connecting web and mobile interfaces to hosted and on-premise infrastructures has been a common challenge for most system administrators and IT executives. We aim to create software with this in mind and put special care into making sure solutions can enable productivity for all levels of users.

We also provide enterprise application consultation services. Distributed systems and interoperability are common requirements for larger-scale applications. Turnkey offers can lack documentation, cookie-cutter solutions can be insufficient or wasteful and build-n-deploy consultations can leave IT teams floundering to understand how the whole thing works. After having personal experiences with all of these challenges, our services are focused on structured designs. Designs that can be understood and documented, capable of current requirements but rooted in capacity planning and thresholds to ensure our solutions also stand the test of time and scale.