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SCOM PowerShell Library

After spending many years with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012 I’ve come across a consistent shortcoming of the application; PowerShell. While PowerShell is well supported in SCOM 2012 its ability to be built upon isn’t always obvious and documentation is sparse (if even available). With that said, I routinely find myself needing to create various different SCOM management pack components in PowerShell with no direct or straight forward way to do so outside of Discovery with the “TimedPowerShell” discovery provider. This need lead to the creation of my “Microsoft.Windows.PowerShell.Library” management pack; designed specifically for making SCOM management pack objects using PowerShell more direct and generally easier to do.

In general, the PowerShell module types built included the library are meant to work much like the default module types for older scripting languages; like VBScript. SCOM includes predefined modules like “Microsoft.Windows.TimedScript.TwoStateMonitorType” that are built to allow VBScripts to be used to discovery and monitor managed entities. As VBScript (and other supported console scripting languages) are aged out and replaced, the need for PowerShell support in this fashion becomes more and more necessary.

The PowerShell library available makes many of these familiar scripting modules available through VSAE (Visual Studio Authoring Extensions) and other environments for building custom SCOM management packs and monitors.

Package Includes:


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