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Browser Rendering Of Cisco Services With XSLT

When building custom Cisco XML Service applications, the action of testing the applications can easily turn into a tedious and agitating process. With the limited input facilities available on a Cisco IP Phone, data entry and debugging; among other tasks, becomes much more difficult. In addition to the problems of interacting with the service, there is also the problem of testing more than one object at a time. Although custom menus can be setup to access the various objects being tested, this results in the maintenance of additional service objects that are not necessary for the final application. In light of ...

Cisco XML Framework Documentation

With the start of 2011 came the official release of the 'CiscoIPPhone' PHP Framework. The framework is aimed at simplifying the creation and manipulation of the various Cisco XML service objects. Additions and updates are already in the works for the next release version of the framework. The following documentation will be kept as up to date as possible as the framework evolves and updates are issued. For more information and documentation on the use of the XML service objects with Cisco Systems, see www.cisco.com. OBJECT CLASSES: CiscoXMLService CiscoIPPhoneMenu