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FreePBX Module: TFTP Manager

Over the past few months work on development of a FreePBX module for managing Cisco IP Phones has been started. In the process of doing this, as well as through some research on existing FreePBX feature request tickets; a TFTP management module has been requested. As a result of this, the development of the Cisco module has been momentarily sidelined as a a TFTP module was created. The intent is that this module will be used to support the Cisco modules TFTP file management.

The first version(s) of the module are planned to have very limited and basic functionality. A new feature request ticket was created in the FreePBX Trac system (Ticket #1032) several years ago and to date does not seem to have been addressed. Having a need for this functionality ourselves, it seemed prudent to take on this smaller application prior to moving forward with the Cisco phone project.

In accordance with the feature request ticket, the aim of the module is to provide two basic interaction and a viewer. The interaction being the ability to add a file and to delete a file. Further planning has already started for expansion of the module to include more extensive file operations and folder control.

TFTP Manager in FreePBX v2.X:

A big thanks to the folks at abeautifulsite.net and to Cory LaViska for creating the very elegant PHP File Tree object used by the viewer.

In addition to addressing the needs of the logged ticket with FreePBX for version 2.X, our TFTP module is being developed for version 3 of FreePBX as well. We are planning to commit both modules to the FreePBX repository once all functionality is stable.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the TFTP server has been installed with its root folder as /tftpboot. Provide the webserver write access to the /tftpboot folder as well.

Development of the TFTP Manager module for blue.box (formerly FreePBX v3) has resumed with the initial release of the blue.box software from 2600hz.org.

Core functionality is pretty much done. a bit of polishing to do and some install tasks to hopefully work in and we should be ready to make a download available.

June 7, 2010 Tyler Winfield

the TFTP Manager is now available for FreePBX 2.X. The module will be available here for a few days before it is uploaded to the FreePBX Trac system

June 8, 2010 Tyler Winfield

Hi, thanks for your work on this. im new to linux and asterisk so could you please tell me how i can change permissions so the webserver can access the tftpboot folder? Thanks in advance!!

October 14, 2012 Michael H

@Michael H
run “chown -R apache:apache /tftpboot”, where ‘apache:apache’ is the user and group your webserver runs as and ‘/tftpboot’ is the location of the tftp storage location

October 16, 2012 Tyler Winfield

I was able to install the TFTP manager but when I try to use it nothing happens. I can click on TFTP manager but if i click the refresh or add symbols nothing happens as if they are not buttons. I can scroll throught the files as needed but if i click on any of the files is send me back to the freePBX status screen. I also didnt fully understand the apache:apache portion on the chmod. i thought it was suppose to be root:FreePBX but im probably wrong. Can you help. Thanks

January 4, 2013 EChapman

What license is this project released under? Is anyone free to take this code and develop it further?

July 11, 2013 lgaetz

How do I install this ?

July 25, 2013 Ged

hey iv installed you tftp MANAGER on the latest freepbx but the buttons to add files dont work is there a fix for this
regards in advance

September 24, 2013 jon boy

SCRIPT5009: ‘init_tftp_file_tree’ is undefined
config.php, line 2 character 4

Caused by the fact that the function is called before the script is loaded.

If you want then use DEV tools to run it manually (plus the init_tftp_jquery();
it works.

Given that it’s using jquery stuff, shouldn’t it use document ready?

February 8, 2014 Roger Willcocks


$(function() {

February 8, 2014 Roger Willcocks

How do I install this? I’m new on Linux

March 6, 2014 Liz

How can i install this module into asterisk using command line

March 23, 2014 Mwahba

Go to Admin
Module Administration
Upload Module
Upload the file (in tgz format)
Then you will have to click on it and then click install
Then click process
Then click apply at the top in red
It’s installed.

May 17, 2014 David

I’m running an elastix pbx box. Can I install this there? Or can you direct me to the right piece of code?

May 30, 2014 Curt
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