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Cisco XML Services: Browser

A simple XML service for Cisco IP Phones for simple web browsing. This service requests ASCII input of a URL (without the http:// prefix). The phone is then forwarded to the address that has been entered as if it were a normal HTTP request.

This service relies on the destination locations being capable of both detecting a Cisco IP Phone request and serving Cisco XML objects in response to these requests. Detection of a Cisco IP Phone request via HTTP can be easily done by either the user agent of the request or by analyzing the incoming header information. The phones make use of the ‘Allegro‘ user agent as well as sending unique Cisco HTTP headers. The headers all begin with x-CiscoIPPhone_____. The three that noted in the Cisco documentation are the x-CiscoIPPhoneModelName, x-CiscoIPPhoneDisplay, and x-CiscoIPPhoneSDKVersion. Creation of an XML object to respond with will depend on the nature of the site and the content it will serve the phone(s).

The browser will accept a single query string variable, url. Specifying a url variable in the query string will forward the phone to ‘http://’+url. No specification will bring up the “URL:” prompt and request an address to go to from the user in ASCII format.

To add this service to your Cisco IP Phone, add the following code to your services menu XML file:

   <Name>Web Browser</Name>

Or add a ‘Services’ function line with the following URL:


For those wanting to test how the browser works, farsideradio.com is enabled for viewing by Cisco IP Phones!

February 18, 2010 Tyler Winfield
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